‘Tis the Season Not to Dive

To Dive or Not To Dive? That is the question.
Well here’s the answer: Don’t do it. This form of cheating is ruining the beautiful game. Fans don’t like it. In fact, many fans are digusted by their own players if they dive. Fellow proferssionals dislike it.  But who is doing anything serious about it?

Man Diving
Some footballers think they have a right to dive - they don't

Here’s one club who is doing something about it. Australia’s Sydney FC have taken the lead and fine their players if they dive.

During an A League match against Gold Coast United, Sydney striker, Shannon Cole, took a ‘dishonest tumble’ in the penalty box. In fact there was contact made by the defender against the Sydney striker, but it was minimal and not enough to force him to fall. Sydney FC have a ‘No Diving’ policy and consequently fined Cole an undisclosed amount.

Do you know of any clubs that fine their players for cheating? Please tell us.

[Thanks to our Sportsmanship Ambassador, Francois Dumontel for alerting us to this story.]

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  1. It’s a good idea but I don’t know if it would work in the Premiere league due to the ridicululous amounts of money that premiere league players get paid.

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