Anyone For Tennis?

After a truly epic Wimbledon Final, BBC’s Sue Barker asked the defeated American, Andy Roddick, if ‘this sport is cruel sometimes?’

Although many of the thousands in the stadium and the millions watching on TV expected him to collapse into tears after coming very very close to winning the championship, he replied:

“No. I’m one of the lucky few that gets cheered for. So thank you for that. I appreciate it (massive applause). You know aww, I just want to say congratulations to Roger (Federer). You know he’s a true champion. He deserves everything he gets. So well done Roger.

Sue Barker: “You threw everything at him.”

“Well I tried. Sorry Pete (Pete Sampras who was in the crowd and whose record of 14 Grand Slams has now been taken Federer with his 15th Grand Slam title). I tried to hold him off. It was a pleasure playing here today in front of great champions like Pete (Sampras), Minolo (?), Rod (Laver) and Bjorn (Borg). I still hope one day that my name will be up there as winner of this tournament. And I’ll be back.” (massive applause).

– a true sportsman.

See the interview:

2 thoughts on “Anyone For Tennis?

  1. Truly a classy move there. Playing a game for a living and being competitive do not mean you have to be a jerk. I will be cheering loudly when Roddick finally wins at Wimbledon.

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