Brave Brothers in Scotland v Wales

Good Luck to Scotland’s Max Evans today in the Welsh match. Last year he played in the same match with his brother Thom, who suffered a very serious neck injury which ended his rugby career and almost his ability to ever walk again.

Although Thom was invited to the game, it may have been too much for him and he’ll be watching from LA where he is pursuing an acting career. Good luck to Thom and good luck to his bro’ in what could be the most exciting game of this year’s 6 Nations.

Who remembers Scottish hero Andy Irvine’s running the length of the pitch in many a game and John Taylor’s last minute around the corner conversion to destroy Scots hopes way back  in the 70s?  NB the line outs – absolute mayhem!

PS for real rugby junkies that boot that kicked that conversion is on display upstairs in London Welsh RFC.

As for Eng v Italy – Italian Shocker against all the odds? And Ireland France – championship decider – O’Driscoll does it again!

Just one more Irvine try….this time against a powerful French team. Note Irvine’s post try celebration – lie gasping  for air.  “It looks a funny one. But it’s not funny for the Frenchmen!”  from ‘the voice of rugby’ the irreplaceable BBC commentator, the late great Bill McLaren.

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  1. Glad that one of the Evans’ are keeping the welsh side strong! 🙂 Would’ve been great to be alive to watch the game in “71 to see the Scots get battered! haha ….Great site!

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