Emotional Scenes As Widow Sings At Wembley Rugby League Cup Final

Having tragically lost her husband, Danny Jones, while playing professional rugby league, his widow, Lizzy Jones, took hold of the microphone, and, in the time honoured tradition of singing the hymn ‘Abide With Me‘ before the Rugby League Challenge Cup at Wembley, in front of 70,000 fans and many millions of viewers, Lizzy somehow, kept it together, never faltered and sang most beautifully whilst the crowd gave her a standing ovation.  This is bravery, dignity, honour and humility combined, as she thanked rugby league people for their support (who have set up a trust fund for the 8 month old twins, Bobby and Phoebe.

Despite the savage emotion, Lizzie Jones sings beautifully before the final (watch the video)

Danny Jones (29) played for Wales and Keighley Cougars. In fact he played in Wembley in 2011 for  Wales on the very same pitch in which his widow now sang.  Danny died from a heart attack in May whilst on the pitch 4 minutes into a match. Danny had an undetected hereditary heart condition. .

Emotional Goose-Bumps Everywhere

Before the final, Lizzie said “It’s going to be so emotional but it’s my way of letting the rugby league family know how amazed I am by their support. I’ve felt their support every step of the way and it’s been such a comfort.” In an exclusive interview with the Sunday People three months after Danny’s ­sudden death, Lizzie said: “I thought Danny was made of steel. I thought he was invincible. “If he was still here the twins would grow up in a home full of laughter and fun and that’s the way I still want to bring them up.

Keighley rugby league player Danny Jones
Danny Jones (29) RIP

He Punched The Air

“Their only tears should be tears of joy. I don’t want to be sad Mummy who sits around crying all the time. I don’t want them to suffer any of this pain I feel. They shouldn’t have to. I’ll tell them how he punched the air in joy when he discovered I was carrying twins and how he cried when they were born. He was a loving dad and a wonderful husband.” said  the brave Lizzie Jones

She Shone Through The Gloom

Trust Fund https://www.justgiving.com/dannyjones29



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