Indian Cricket’s Respect & Friendship For Sri Lanka’s Great Kumar Sangakkara

Indian captain, Virat Kohli’s, friendship and respect for his most dangerous and outrageously talented opponent, Sri Lanka’s cricketing great, Kumar Sangakkara, shone like a light across the world of cricket.

Their gestures, ‘taught us how to love and respect opponents’.  These images demonstrate a deep friendship and rich respect for each other.

Here is the letter penned by Virat to Kumar.

Sangakkara's Retirement Letter Received Aug 2015

Enjoy the emotional photographs captured in this Indian TV article  which notes: ‘The young breed should learn from them and take the dignity of the gentleman’s game to newer heights.’ These pictures really do paint a thousand words of  honour, respect, friendship, enjoyment. In fact this article, photos and the letter bring to life the pillars of sportsmanship.

7 Pillars

Kumar Sangakkara’s 2011 MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey was simply exceptional. He talked about history, culture and opportunties for Sri Lankan cricket as well a frightening description of  being attacked by terrorist machine guns on their team bus. You can read Kumar’s full speech .  Or you can watch Kumar’s inspiring lecture from Lords Cricket Ground (immediately after this brief introduction).

His speech reveals the greatness of the man. We congratulate Kumar Sangakkara on all of his achievements (both on and off the pitch). We wish him a happy retirement. We also salute Indian captain, Virat Kohli and his team’s demonstration of friendship and respect. May they all inspire a new generation.


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