Portuguese Players Shake Englishman’s Hand After He Scores

A BBC Radio interviewer asked the late Cissy Charlton (mother of Bobby and Jack) about the 1966 England v Portugal World Cup semi final (which England won 2-1), she said:

“22 good sports men. They played football as you like to see it played. And the crowd was good. They were a really good crowd. The English crowd clapped the Portuguese when they did anything good and vice versa. It was a real treat to be at that match. Oh I really enjoyed it. “

And when asked about how she felt when her son Bobby scored, she said:

“To tell you the truth I had a pile of programmes that I was bringing for the Bairns (children) at home , an orange drink for half time, I had a box of chocolates that I had been given, I had a box of toffees that a man had given me. I had to put all of them down before I could clap. It was really funny. Oh and then when I stood up it was a marvelous site to see the Portugal players shaking his hand. Something you don’t see these days. It was really terrific.”

You don’t see that these days. But you never know you just might if enough people spread the word about sportsmanship.

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