South African Sportsmanship

I’m in Joburg wondering how the Lions will do on Saturday in the third and final test.                           

I caught the Emerging Springboks game in Capetown and witnessed one of the finest conversions ever kicked in the dying moments to give the youngish Springboks a draw. Then I witnessed another killer kick in the Second Test in Pretoria – again the last kick of the game to give the Springboks the series.  The Lions played magnificently but didn’t get the result. However what thrilled me were the Springbok fans who applauded every Lions try, and converted kicks. I am constantly amazed at the generosity of their hospitality – they can’t do enough for us. A great country – I’m coming back (if Ireland qualify for the  World Cup 2010)!

2 thoughts on “South African Sportsmanship

  1. As a South African rugby supporter, I must confess; I’m extremely disappointed with our national coach. Show some decorum when speaking and for the love of the game, acknowledge when your team act out of order in respect of the rules.

    I feel it sends the incorrect message to our youth and to our international visitors and spectators who have witnessed our coaches antics.

    Simply pathetic Pieter.

  2. Thx Pietar. I agree entirely. It is clear from the press and from all the rugby fans I spoke with in South Africa, that ‘De Villan’ does not represent South African feelings and the nation disagrees with him. I know that real sportsmanship prevails in South Africa.

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