3 Wise Frenchmen Ask for Replay

Frenchman and Arsenal  manager, Arsene Wenger, says “France should offer a replay – which I support personally. We want to beat Ireland properly.” French captain Thierry Henry says a replay of the World Cup play-off with the Republic of Ireland would “be the fairest solution”. France’s former superstar, David Ginola, said “there is no pride in this win”.

Henry’s former Arsenal team mate, Lee Dixon, believes Henry has ruined his reputation “He has been a truly great footballer – one of the best players we’ve ever seen in the Premier League – but now people will remember him for that goal against Ireland. It’s really sad.”

Come on France all you’ve got to do is ask for a replay.

Sign this petition & send it to all your contacts in Ireland & abroad – The Irish have so many friends all over the world. If they get 10+million signatures, they will have to seriously rethink it. Don’t let this go. www.gopetition.com/online/32214/sign.html#se

Or let FIFA know directly,  www.fifa.com/contact/form.html .

Meanwhile watch out for a lobby campaign for the sponsors.  Kids all over the world have seen cheats win again. FIFA has an opportunity to let kids see that cheating does not prevail and that, courtesy of technology, this is the begininng of the end, of the era where cheats always win. With a nudge from sponsors, FIFA may still take this historic opportunity to get it right.  Watch out for my next post which shows how the Germans have come up with a brilliant solution to reduce cheating.

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