Basketball Junkie

What a true sportsman – basket ball, ex pro, ex junkie and now coach, Chris Herren is the real thing. Congrats to him every day as he creates great moments of sportsmanship EVERY day for young people all around him.

In Chris’s words: “My message to kids today is to have fun. Because unfortunately in my experience parents don’t see the end – that it’s a marathon.   For 90% of kids in this country it’s gonna end at 18. If you’re lucky you get a scholarship and go to college. If you hit the lottery and make it to the pro’s and not many do. You know when basketball stopped being fun for me and more being like a job I looked for other avenues to go down to relieve stress and escape from it.”

Find out what words hurt him so much but eventually became the best words of his life. Thanks to Jeff Fuller for sharing this powerful story.

He’s written a book called Basketball Junkie: A Memoire

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  1. These are real stories of inspiration and give you the believe that you can make a difference. They are very moving and real and more people should read them. Its stories like this that make us all realise how we can change our perspective in life. This makes a really good feel good story for everyone out there.

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