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I mentioned during my BBC Nottingham interview, that local hero Brian Clough and arguably, the most successful football manager in Europe, never allowed any of his players to challenge the referee’s decisions.

I was delighted to hear that he used to ask the Nottingham Forest fans to resist using foul language by showing them his handwritten sign. Any fans out there can tell me what words he wrote on the sign?

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BBC Radio Nottingham

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3 thoughts on “Brian Clough sportsman BBC Nottingham interview…

  1. Thanks very much for the quote Andy. Brilliant isn’t it? There simply isn’t another manager that would even think of something like this, let alone do it. A great man.
    Did you ever see the BBC interview he set up after Nottm Forest won a midweek cup match and he sent out a young black apprentice to pretend to be the goalscorer (who was it?) and actually do a full BBC interview that went out on air? I vaguely recall BBC apologising the next day. Again who would ever dream of doing such a thing these days?
    Apologies for the incorrect abbreviation – I’ve corrected it now. Thanks again, Paul

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