Football Respect Challenge

Watch this video. Then see if you can help us to fill in who is doing what at each stage of the video of these heart warming acts of kindness, respect, friendship, humility……


Please do help our readers by adding names and any information .

0.03 Ronaldinio, Real Madrid? (and Brazil) being congratulated by……..?

o.35 Messi, Bacelona (and Argentina) and a fan

1.09 Ronaldo, Real Madrid (and Portugal) and a fan



6.55 Who is the man at 6.55 who receives a jersey on the pitch and then starts the game with the kicks off? Please start your comment with the time code.

e.g. 2.28 Blind Boy with Messi (who was the blind boy? !!!!).


Please also add the name of the player , their country (and the club they are playing for in the video).  I will then add the first person’s information to this post (with a tanks to whomever replies)


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Thanks to Ameed Awad for alerting us.

18 thoughts on “Football Respect Challenge

  1. I don’t really like football but the video made me sad. Football is challenging but when you loose or win shake hands. Football is not about winning or loosing its about having fun and trying your best.

  2. Football is like a challenge, Its not my kind of sport but I have learnt to always try your best and be respectful to others!

    • Well done Maira. There is more to sport than just the game – there is the whole sportsmanship aspect which adds so much to any sport.

  3. I liked it because Marcelo was respectful to the boy. It taught me how to be a great football player

    • Thanks Cameron. If you and your friends can find the names of any other players in this video and post their names – as a comment (with the time code of the video – so we know who your are talking about) – that would be really great.

  4. I liked it when most of the players gave away their signatures to their fans and they didn’t show off, instead they respected the crowd.

  5. I liked when the football players gave their tshirt’s to their fan’s.I felt like this is the best sportmanship moment because it looks like they are being respectful to each other.

    • Yes Sajeel,it is easy to be kind and thoughtful. Small acts of kindness make such a difference to others. Remember this when you are famous!

    • Oskar, sometimes beautiful sportsmanship makes people emotional. That’s a good thing. It’s good to have open and honest emotions. ~ Paul

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