Rugby World Cup 2015 – Meet The World’s Bravest Rugby Player

The Strongest, Most  Spirited Rugby Player In Rugby World Cup 2015

 Lindsay Hamilton playing rugby for Halifax Towers RFC
Lindsay Hamilton playing rugby for Halifax Towers RFC

Meet Lindsay Hamilton. She was born almost limbless, but that doesn’t stop her playing rugby. Watch Lindsay playing rugby. She is an absolute inspiration and a real heroine of sport. Lindsay is almost limbless yet she plays scrum-half for Halifax Towers RFC women’s rugby team in Canada. It is full on. In the whole of Rugby World Cup 2015 you won’t find as great a hero (or heroine) as Lindsay. So, any moaners, whingers, divers and groaners playing other sports, watch this wonderful young lady play the game she loves. Lindsay inspires all rugby players and fans to appreciate the sheer joy and thrill of playing rugby. This heroic women’s rugby player inspires all Rugby World Cup players, and in fact any sports person worldwide.

Here come the Rugby World Cup 2015 heroes

There will be some heroes emerging during this Rugby World Cup 2015.  We want you tell us your sportsmanship story. If you see something sporting or a gesture of sportsmanship in any of the games, events or amongst fans,  we ask you to tell us by adding a comment at the end of this post. RWC 2015 runs from Friday 18 September through to Sat 31 October.  All sportsmanship stories will be published here. We will send a copy of Great Moments Of Sportsmanship book to the person who sends us in the best sportsmanship moment observed during the #RWC2015.  Note Our choice/decision is final.  So share the fun. Share the sportsmanship during this great competition.

ROME, ITALY - JANUARY 14: The Webb Ellis Cup visits the Olympic Stadium, Rome as part of the Rugby World Cup Trophy Tour, delivered in partnership with Land Rover and DHL on January 14, 2015 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images for England Rugby 2015)
ROME, ITALY – JANUARY 14: The Webb Ellis Cup visits the Olympic Stadium, Rome as part of the Rugby World Cup Trophy Tour, delivered in partnership with Land Rover and DHL on January 14, 2015 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images for England Rugby 2015)


Fijian warriors surround the Rugby World Cup
The Fijians always add excitement to any Rugby World Cup

So sit back and enjoy this Rugby World Cup. Our Fijian brothers kick it all off with the opening game between these warriors and the hosts, England. Let the fun begin. Let the battles begin.

Let the friendships begin. This is the brotherhood of rugby, which is part of the brotherhood of sport.

The brotherhood of rugby (children holding rugby balls representing different countries
The brotherhood of rugby

Let the rugby begin.

HEIDELBERG, GERMANY - APRIL 17: The Webb Ellis Cup visits the city hall as part of Rugby World Cup Trophy Tour, delivered in partnership with Land Rover and DHL on April 17, 2015 in Heidelberg, Germany. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images for England Rugby 2015)
Rugby World Cup 2015 – the Webb Ellis Cup on display in Heidelberg, Germany

So amidst the fun and excitement, thrill and spills, highs and lows of this wonderful Rugby World Cup 2015, remember those of us who play week in, week out, those characters that make rugby unique. Remember this amazing, courageous, young lady, Lindsay Hamilton who plays her game week in week out and unknowingly inspires sports people everywhere (and even non-sports people) to give it a go. Give any sport a go. Enjoy the buzz, like Lindsay, her team Halifax Towers RFC, or her national Canadian team, or the Irish team (whom they meet in their first RWC2015 Group D match) or the ABs or England or Fiji (who meet in the opening match) or any team participating in RWC2015. Remember to enjoy it, win, lose or draw.

Don’t forget to tell us your Rugby World Cup 2015 sportsmanship story or observation (by writing your comment in the space below [where it says ‘Leave a reply’]).

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You can find many more rugby sportsmanship stories in the right hand column of this page. You can select stories categorised by sport (e.g. ‘rugby’) or country.

Join us. Help us to inspire a new generation by sharing these stories (and posting a comment). Better still, become a Great Sportsmanship Programme ambassador.We are Not-For-Profit edutainment programme designed to inspire a new generation through true two minute sportsmanship stories.

Enjoy this wonderful Rugby World Cup 2015.

11 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup 2015 – Meet The World’s Bravest Rugby Player

    • Yes I was thinking that her team mates were dedicated rugby players & all members were equal – if you played your part – as Lindsay does.

  1. What a wonderful and inspiring story. We can all spend too much time thinking that things are against us, yet here is someone who lets nothing stand in her way and yet feels she is nothing special, but she is wrong – she is a true inspiration to all sportsmen and women.

  2. What a great story and what a gutsy player! You can really see the intensity in Lindsay’s eyes as she goes in for the tackle. It’s fantastic to see that a team sport like rugby can give everyone a platform to take things up a level.
    I can’t wait for the Rugby World Cup to kick-off. It’s like a special Xmas for us that comes around only once every four years in New Zealand. I hope everyone in the UK has as great a party in 2015 as we got to have in 2011!
    I know some of the tickets may be expensive, so for anyone that’s missed out, watch it on TV with your Kiwi or South African neighbours (we’re both fanatical rugby supporting countries), or at an Irish pub or your local rugby club. The atmosphere will be electric for the next month.
    Also for those in the UK, the World Wheelchair Rugby Challenge is coming up next month. If you want to see sporting competition at it’s toughest, these guys are where it’s at:
    Here’s a bio of one of our younger up & coming players Barney Koneferenisi who’s been vying for a spot in the NZ Wheelblacks:

  3. Wow! That certainly puts all my so-called difficulties and challenges nto perspective! I wish I could boast one tenth as much bravery or determination as Lindsey! What a great example of a positive minded on the rugby field.
    Loving the World cup so far – enjoyed watching Ireland win against Romania last week and hoping to experience a similar outcome against Italy on Sunday!

    • Yes Emma, I never tire of watching that video of Lindsay. She is an inspiration. Here’s another inspirational young lady – who actually collapses after every time she races . They are both great inspirations for young people. We’re off to the Olympic Stadium on Sunday too see Irl v Italy. Fingers crossed. More photos will be added to the RWC Photographic Celebration Of Sportsmanship post ~ Paul

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