Why do some sports people celebrate with anger?

Why do goal scorers run to the crowd shouting and roaring with their faces twisted in anger and aggression?

Why don’t they celebrate with maybe a huge roar and a big smile? Where are the smiles gone? I remember in the 70s when players scored they lept in the air, or in George Best’s case, he’d just hold one arm up in victory and smile. Pele would leap into the arms of other players and wear the biggest grin you can imagine – it just lit up the world (except of course , if you were the opposition).

So why is there a need to be so angry? Frustrated? Uptight? Is it a

release of pressure? If so, is there more pressure today than in

years gone by? Can anyone help answer any of these questions?

As I’m puzzled

4 thoughts on “Why do some sports people celebrate with anger?

  1. it’s a good question…I Think a lot of people have forgotten what it’s like to just have fun…and that is seen in a lot of places, not just in football.

  2. You have to admire the South African footballers when they scored on Friday (against a very good Mexican team), four of them lined up and did a little dance and each of them had the biggest smiles on their faces. Refreshing to see.

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