“If one day I score, I’d be so happy that I’d fly.”

“We’ll score when we grow old.”

These are just some of the magical quotes from a Spanish football team of 5 and 6-year olds who have never won a game and never scored a goal, but are arguably, the essence of sportsmanship. Well done to them and their coaches and parents. Sit back and enjoy this truly amazing little film.

This post is partly in response to a challenging article written by James Causey of the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinal , called Sport Without Justice.  He despairs at the disgusting incidents from youth sports.  Combine this with bounty payments paid by professional clubs for injuring players – and it all paints a bleak picture.

However the wonderful video above demonstrates the essence of great sportsmanship. Sit back and enjoy. Move over thugs, here comes sportsmanship at its purest.


Note 1: Mr Messi’s Masterclass in Sportsmanship (video) – interesting that he plays for a Spanish team too!

Note 2:  l’equip petit video by el cangrejo

11 thoughts on ““If one day I score, I’d be so happy that I’d fly.”

  1. Thank you! This is one of the best pair of videos I have watched in a long time. It is important to remain hopeful that sportsmanship can win…even if the team does not. MMF

  2. Meagan, isn’t the Spanish video superb? The beauty of the message combinmed with the beauty of the film somehow captures the way children think and their carefree fun approach to life. They are real ambassadors of sportsmanship.

  3. Charming video. They are a fairly persistant little bunch. It did make me think whether they’d all be back next season. I think they will be back. Because of their love of the game and their love of the friendship in the team.

  4. What a great video and story. In this age of “win at all cost”, it’s wonderful to watch these kids who understand what sport is really all about – or should still be about!

  5. That’s exactly it Barry – these kids understand what sport is really about. Despite their youth, they have, what US Masters Champion Bubba Watson has, (see http://www.facebook.com/GreatSportsmanship) -an understanding of the bigger picture. This is what Olympism is all about. Co-incidentally, I’m busy making a 3 min video called ‘Here Comes The Olympics – Anyone For Olympism?’ – these kids should be in it!

  6. “….and they have fun and they learn to respect their opponent”…..great values to instill in these little ones. Great video and bravo to the coaches / parents who give them all that support.

  7. That’s a brilliant video – we should pay more attention to children and maybe also learn from them and from their approach to life!

  8. Before seeing your site I hadn´t thought a lot about sportsmanship but I now have renewed motivation to be an exemplary sportsman. Thanks and keep up the great work!

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