Immortal Fans, Sport Club Recife Donate Organs

Brazil’s Sport Club Recife is known for having some of the most passionate fans in Brazil . “1st God. 2nd Sport Club Recife. 3rd Family. 4th work” says one fan. “Nothing else matters…..Sport Club Recife is everything “ says another fan. They are passionate about life too. Even after death. 51,000 Recife fans have signed up to donate their organs after they die (more than the stadium capacity). The club has mobilised their passionate fans to do something really great: to save other people’s lives. Watch this wonderful video. Pass it on.

The Immortal Fan

The club has created a new kind of fan – the immortal fan! Their hearts, eyes, lungs… could keep cheering for Sport Club Recife even after death. And the fans responded. 50,000 of them are committed to helping others after they die. Organ donation was taboo in Brazil for many people. Sport Club Recife are changing that. They have helped to reduce the waiting list for heart transplant and corneo transplant to zero.

Fans Share Their Passion & Donate Organs

Great fans, Great passion. Great generosity. Changing the world they live in. Congratulations to Sport Club Recife and Ogilvy their agency for creating such a non- commercial message that deepens the fans engagement while saving lives. The first organ donor card for a football team. Fans get their organ donor card at the stadium, through a facebook app or receive it at home by mail.

One lady who received a heart transplant says: “My new heart comes from a Sport Club Recife fan & it will keep on beating for Sport Club Recife. C’mon Sport Club Recife fans, let’s donate! Let’s form this chain and never stop donating”.

Fans Share Their Passion & Ask For Organs

Adriano Dos Santos (waiting for eye transplant): “I promise your eyes will keep on watching Sport Club Recife.

Luiz Antonio (waiting for a lung transplant): Your lungs will keep on breathing for Sport Club Recife.

Marleade Dos Santos (waiting for a heart transplant): “I promise your heart will always beat for Sport Club Recife.

 00SportClub Recife

Everything for Sport Recife. Even after death.


The First Football Club Organ Donor Card

Club Sport Recife fans want to be fans forever. Now they can. The first organ donor card for a football team.

C’mon all you other football fans and sports fans – do something great – sign up to become a donor wherever you are.

Thanks to Natalie Haccius for alerting us to this story.

World Cup 2014

Perhaps the Brazilian team will become donors, then the rest of the teams….what a World Cup that would be.  So many people’s lives saved by the beautiful game.


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9 thoughts on “Immortal Fans, Sport Club Recife Donate Organs

    • Sinead great to hear from you. Yes it is a cracking idea. Maybe print it out an dhand it to your GAA friend? Imagine if we got the GAA behind the idea. ~ Paul

  1. Thanks for sharing Paul what a fantastic story, it makes me very proud to be Brazilian, a lot of respect to Sport Club for having this incredible initiative – Even though I’m a São Paulo supporter! As you said imagine a story like this on a global scale such as the world cup.

    • I agree Giordano, when you have the opportunity suggest it to the right people. I will get a professional football club to do this. Spread the word. You can share the story on facebook, linkedin, twitter – just click the ‘share’ widget at the end of the story. Thanks ~ Paul

  2. It’s amazing how football could be use to do a lot of good things. In 2012, another Brazilian team, Vitória, from Bahia, did something similar. Vitória’s jersey colors are red and black and in 2012 they lunch the campaign called “My blood is black and red”. They had played with the jersey without the red stripes and instead they put white stripes. The reason was to encourage people to donate blood because the city of Salvador, Bahia’s capital, had a big demand of blood donations. The red stripes start coming back as the donations were increasing during a period of 10 matches. The slogan was: “Vitória has been always giving it’s blood for you, it’s to give it back”. The result was an increase of 43% on the blood donations. The campaign won 2 gold lions at Cannes Lions 2013 and also 5 silver lions.

    • The word ‘extraordinary’ is over-used these days. However this story is truly extraordinary Abrar I hope some other football clubs will do the same.

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